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About John Wiley

Married, with a blended family consisting of three amazing daughters and a truly awesome wife. A Basenji-mix resue dog named Satchel and an insane little orange/white cat named Elbi keep us entertained.

I started shooting seriously (remember film?) in 1983 and professionally in 1996, though I've had a camera in my hands since I was eight years old.

Got my first darkroom experience when I was fourteen and a couple buddies and I built a darkroom in their parents' basement, where we processed and printed 620 roll film from a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye (from my parents) and a Foldex (also from my parents).

Along the way, I picked up a degree in chemistry from WSU and worked as a chemist for BASF, doing photography on the side.

Moved to Arizona in '95 and did engineering (and photography) there till '03, when I moved back to MI (what?!)

Coming back to MI put me into another engineering position that lasted till the auto industry tanked in '08, at which point I went full-time with photography and haven't looked back.

I tend to concentrate primarily on portraits of amazing people (that would be you!) and events, with editorial and commercial assigments to round things out.

I have a facebook business page HERE and I'd like it if you "like" it (if you like it)! ;-)

Oh, my favorite color is blue, I LOVE spicy food, good Mexican beer and strong coffee (not necessarily in that order or together but it has happened - more than once). I play guitar, usually as loud as I can get away with. I'm a burner. I believe animals are anything but "dumb"; they're much more like us than most folks care to believe or admit. I jumped out of a plane once and would love to do it again, sometime. Tobacco has no place in my life. I love music in all its forms; from classical to techno to laughter. I'm sarcastic but not maliciously; I love a good joke but not if it's hurtful to someone. Bonus points if it's "dirty" (but not demeaning). ;-)

I'm apolitical. I am a citizen of Earth; I just happen to live in the US (which I am grateful for).

My favorite seasons are Autumn and Spring, in that order. I'm a night owl.